Changing the Way We Work


"Who Do You Want to Be?"

ASG Works is known for transforming clients (both individuals and organizations) by helping close the gap between how you are today and where you want to be.  All  coaching and training is highly focused on practical strategies and tangible outcomes.

Participants of the IMAGE & IMPACT™ Training have gained confidence, accelerated careers and improved overall performance at work.



This session provides the basics of IMAGE & IMPACT™ and shares with the participants the trends that are underway in this area. The session explores the basic elements and psychology behind the impact of image has on one’s career. 

Practical advice and action points are shared and questions are answered to start to unlock your potential!




This session focuses on one of the key elements that shapes the image you project. Through a wardrobe planning exercise and thought provoking case studies, the session covers the fundamentals of "dressing the part.”  

Advice on building a professional wardrobe is outlined in actionable steps so you can start to look your best in any setting!

装い・服装編では、あなたが目指すイメージを構成する重要な要素の1つにフォーカスします。ワードローブのプラニング・エクササイズとディスカッションを交えたケーススタディを通して、その場にふさわしい装いの基本要素をカバーします。プロフェッショナルとしてのワードローブを構築するためのアドバイスは、どんな場面でも最高のあなたで勝負できるよう、明日から実践可能な[E4] 手順で概説します。



This session defines “presence” and why it is critical for professional women to develop it. The idea of being liked vs. being respected and attitudes that can enhance your executive presence are discussed.  

Strategies to improve upon your presence and knowing the common mistakes to avoid will help ensure you begin to command respect and attention from those around you! 

プレゼンス編では、「プレゼンス」を定義付け、なぜプロフェッショナル女性がそれを開拓することが必要かに焦点をあてます。そして、好ましいとされる vs. 尊敬される というポイントに着目し、エグゼクティブ・プレゼンスを高めるための姿勢について議論します。あなたのプレゼンスを改善し、ありがちな間違いを回避する戦略は、周囲から確固たるリスペクトを得て注目されるのに役立つでしょう。



This session breaks down what constitutes body language and the role it plays in communicating with others. Discussions and case studies are used to analyze different aspects of body language and how certain behaviors can not only project confidence, but also increase your self-confidence. 

Tips to better manage your body language are shared to help you present yourself with more credibility and authority!




This session provides a framework to better understand the ways your communication skills and style impacts the impression others have of you. The session includes group discussions to share ideas and tips to hone your communication skills in various situations.  

Best practices for communication in the professional setting and insights on how men and women communicate differently are examined to help you strengthen your communication skills!




This session provides an overview of what personal branding is and how social media can both enhance or damage your personal brand.  The session reveals the ways in which social media can also affect business and career opportunities.  

Simple steps to improve your social media profiles are shared to help you start developing your best personal brand!

セルフブランディング & ソーシャルメディア編では、パーソナルブランディングの概要及びソーシャルメディアのメリット、デメリットを概観し、ビジネスチャンスやキャリアに与える影響を明らかにします。ソーシャルメディアのプロフィールを改善するためのシンプルな手順を通じて、最高のパーソナルブランドを築きましょう。